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The manifest #ActOut is a sociopolitical initiative which is aiming to speak up for more acceptance in society for lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual and non-binary persons in the Tv and Movie Industry. It was published on February 5th 2021 in the newspaper „Süddeutsche Zeitung“ and was initiated by Karin Hanczewski, Eva Meckbach and Godehard Giese.


This is the first German Chapter of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), the world’s largest non-profit organization devoted to upholding the Armenian heritage through educational, cultural and humanitarian programs across the globe. Headquartered in New York City, AGBU has an active presence in 31 countries and 74 cities. AGBU Germany headquartered in Berlin was founded in 2020 in the awareness of its responsibility towards the Armenians in Germany, Armenia, Artsakh, and in the Diaspora.


Inspiration for climate-conscious travels


Ways You Can Help. When You're Done: Educate Yourself. This Doesn't Go Away Once The Topic Isn't, "Trending." Map Of Protests.
"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor" — Desmond Tutu.


He began taking photographs at the age of ten in Oak Park, Illinois. While attending Rochester Institute of Technology and Yale University, he continued to further his knowledge and develop his passion. He was later drafted into the army and stationed near Paris. When he left military service in 1957, Davidson worked as a freelance photographer for LIFE magazine and in 1958 became a full member of Magnum.


A medium for the present- Media, Culture, Technique, Discourses and Style. Stories that are written by our lives.


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Helping women and kids who experience domestic violence


Whenever you might need creative inspiration — take a look here:


He is an award winning photographer whose work has appeared in over 350 exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. Celebrated as a pioneer of color photography, he is a two time Guggenheim Fellow, a recipient of both National Endowment of Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities award, and a recipient of the royal Photographic Society`s Centenary Medal. He has published over 300 books. He loves and works in New York and Italy.


The first Lollipop that saves lives


He is a French photographer and filmmaker based in Paris who takes stunning images characterized by a strongly cinematic style. The women immortalized by Lou Escobar are comfortable with their body and become icons of a kind of daring sexuality, which transmit freedom and sensuality, even through the eyes. We are happy to feature her work at ImageNation Arles as part of Voies Off Festival 2019.


He is the unmistakable eye for the quirks of ordinary life has made him a distinctive voice in visual culture for more than 30 years. Known for his use of garish colours and esoteric composition, he has studied cultural peculiarities around the world from Japan to America, Europe, and his home country of Britain. The themes of leisure, consumption and communication have occupied him for much of his career, all of which are explored with a penetrating irony. As photographer, filmmaker and collector, Parr has defined a generation.


The best of Media Libraries — daily recommendation with the best series, documentaries and movies


The earthquakes at the beginning of February, is the worst earthquake in Syria since 1995!

Thousands of people have died at the Syrian-Turkish border region, many millions of people are homeless, countless livelihoods destroyed and many of the consequences are not yet foreseeable, it has long been clear that the catastrophe is more than a force of nature - it is deeply political!

Especially northern part of Syria is controlled by Islamist rebel groups, where civilian infrastructures are being deliberately destroyed, people have been worn down by war for years, live under the most adverse conditions in the face of oppression and is now operating with limited resources and regions impossible to get any direct air support.

This earthquake shows more than ever that it is used as a political instrument!

Now, even for much-needed aid, remains largely sealed off. Accordingly, there is a lack of everything, including for the recovery and medical care of the victims.

For years, Medico international has been supporting organizations in the areas currently affected by the earthquakes. In spite of much resistance, these local partners are now providing emergency aid, also and especially where international aid can hardly reach. In addition, it is a matter of political solidarity:
to enforce the right to help of all !
Please double up on your effort in supporting those groups.



He is a photographer, born in the north of Morocco. As a young child, his family moved to Belgium where he grew up. After finishing his studies as an interior architect, he was eager to learn to work the camera. In an auto-didactic way, he developed his own unique vision on fashion photography and later on managed to fuse his moroccan roots, tradition and culture with the western world he grew up with. The last years his Moroccan DNA is flowing more and more through his veins and his works. The urge to show this rich moroccan heritage through an artistic eye is present in everything he portraits and the inspiration he gets from his motherland is endless.


German photographer Murat Aslan is visually arresting and conceptually bold and original. He draws inspiration from the graffiti generation of the 90s and represents a new class of driven photographers using craft and technique in service of the idea. Interested in German Hip-Hop, he began his career documenting its culture with a focus on the Berlin Rap scene. In 2006, he moved from West-Germany to Berlin and gradually embraced the world of advertising – shooting big campaigns for clients like Nike, Adidas, BVG, Sennheiser, eBay, DHL, O2 and VW to name a few.


Since 2012 One Warm Winter is speaking up for homeless people and the topic of being homeless to make younger people more aware and put it more onto a public platform to discuss. In order to do that, we work with various social organizations and try to focus on all the different levels and needs people on the streets have. We try to show easy and simple ways of helping and finding solutions. Furthermore, we want people to be more empathic about the situation and motivate them to participate in any way.
One Warm Winter is accepting small and big donations for the past 9 years to buy basic and necessary goods. They want to show that it’s not necessary to spend money on charity events to collect donations but rather spent it where it’s needed the most. Since 2021 they are also supporting long-term housing projects in Berlin as party of one solution to get rid of the main problem.


SEA EYE e. V. is a non-profit- and civil sea rescue organisation that was founded in Germany in 2015. The founders could no longer bear to watch people dying in the southern Mediterranean sea without taking action. With our rescue vessel ALAN KURDI we search for people in distress at seeing along the deadliest exodus route in the world. Every day we fight against the loss of human lives at sea.


This cracks us up


VIVA CON AGUA is a network of people and organisations committed to establishing access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide. To accomplish these objectives, VCA supports a range of domestic and global projects.


Wolfgang Tillmans (born August 16, 1968 in Remscheid is a German photographer and artist who lives and works in Berlin and London. His oeuvre is characterized on the one hand by attentive observation of his environment and on the other by researching the fundamentals of photography. In 2000 he was the first photographer and non-English native to be awarded the renowned Turner Prize.